The Bioe group was born in 2009 with the aim of studying the scientific mechanisms and the applications derived from the complex interactions of electroactive microorganisms with electroconductive materials.

The group's activity is focused on the Scientific Campus at the University of Alcalá, divided between the Faculty of Chemistry and the IMDEA Agua Institute. The multidisciplinary approach to our research integrates environmental engineering, electrochemistry, and microbiology, the three pillars of a new field of research: Microbial Electrochemical Technologies (MET). This approach provides an excellent environment and numerous opportunities for collaboration with other groups in the field worldwide.

In the last decade, some twenty doctoral theses have explored technological challenges in depth, such as the purification of urban and industrial waters, the detection of contaminants, the bioremediation of soils or the conversion of waste into value-added products.

Our work is aimed at transforming ideas into real applications through the founding of technology-based companies and strategic collaboration with agents in the industrial sector, in line with the recent European Green Deal, intended at turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities.

In addition, aware that science must respond to the needs of society and to global challenges, we are committed to disseminating our research and raising citizens' environmental consciousness.

More than 200 researchers from all over the world will meet in May in Alcalá to share the latest advances in bioelectrochemistry.

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