Education and outreach


Members of Bioe Group are involved in teaching and mentoring of students at both undergrad and graduate level. Our staff contributes to scientific conferences, meetings and workshops.

We are also strongly committed to support public engagement since we are convinced that science dissemination is key not only for informing society about our environmental friendly activities but also for creating scientific vocations among the youth. If you would like further information, please contact us.

Some of our formal activities are listed below.


Undergrad courses

Environmental Engineering and Basis of wastewater treatment are both Environmental Sciences courses within University of Alcalá, where Dr. Boltes and Dr. Esteve-Núñez teach the principles that control the biological treatment of wastewaters.

Graduate and Master courses

Master in Hydrology and Water Resources Management. This master belongs to the graduate programme of University of Alcalá where Dr. Esteve-Núñez and Dr. Boltes are lecturers. Some of this master’s students develop their research project in our group.

In the past Dr. Esteve-Núñez have lectured also in different Master Programmes from institutions like the EOI Business School in Madrid or universities like Complutense or Rey Juan Carlos I.

Secondary schools

Members of Bioe Group often visit secondary schools wherein they participate and talk to students regarding the environmental applications of our activities.

Furthermore, we have develop a programme for bringing researchers to the secondary schools, beyond the classical approach through conferences, lectures or science fairs and encouraging vocations on STEM. The project PICSI-3D is aimed at introducing high school students in microbial electrochemical technologies.

European Researchers’ Night

Since 2010 our staff joins this mega event taking place every year on a single September night in about 300 cities all over Europe. The public can participate in our hands-on workshops.

Science fairs

Our group lead outreach activities in the regional science fairs organised by madri+d, the network for the development of information and technological systems promoted by the Autonomous Community of Madrid within the European Union framework. Those events are the perfect scenario for setting up experiments and assays for general audiences as they can see, touch and understand the environmental applications of our research.