Bioe group is a multidisciplinary team located at the University of Alcalá campus (Madrid). The nature of our research is mainly Environmental Biotechnology with a clear focus on using microbial electrochemistry to solve environmental problems. To achieve such a goal, we need a broad variety of equipment and techniques that cannot be easily found under the same space. So, our research is split in two independent scientific environments that cover applications from nanotech-scale to cubic metre-scale.

Our group was born in the Chemical Engineering eadquarters at the University of Alcalá (UAH), an academic location with a large experience in running bioengineering and biotechnology projects focused on clean technologies. Furthermore, Bioe Group also belongs to IMDEA Water, an institution devoted to water research that provides outstanding analytical equipment together with facilities for testing pilot scale prototypes.

Bioe Group's resources make possible to properly explore the three poles of MET: a) Microbiology, we are well equipped for culturing and studying physiology and molecular biology of electroactive bacteria; Electrochemistry, we count on a vast collection of electrochemical equipment including à-la- carte potentiostat constructed by electronic engineers from our team; Engineering, we count on a number of electrochemical bioreactors able to cope with all requirements of current METs, from standard graphite electrodes to the most innovative material like fluid-like electrodes or electroconductive char from vegetal residues.

The design and operation of a MET-based technology able to treat all the wastewater generated by IMDEA Water is an example of our commitment to our research.