Physiology & Biochemistry of
 microbial electrogenesis

Focus on:

  • Understanding exocellular electron transfer

  • Identifying electrogenic biomolecules in the bacterial membrane

  • Optimizing the bacteria-electrode interaction using nanotechnology

  • Studying microbial electrogenesis  by systems biology approach

 microbial electrogenesis

Focus on:

  • Studying microbial electrogenesis in natural environments

  • Stimulating in situ bioremediation of pollutants

  • Characterizing electrogenic populations in natural environments

  • Investigating electrogenic  bacteria-plant interaction
Microbial electrogenesis
 & Bioengineering

Focus on:

  • Bioreactor design for electrogenic wastewater treatments

  • Desalination treatments using electrogenic technologies

  • Construction of devices for storing and using bioelectricity

  • Designing biosensor applications

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