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Abraham Esteve-Núñez's TEDx

Abraham Esteve-Núñez's TEDx

Dr Abraham Esteve Núñez, Bioe group's principal investigator, participated on 21 October in a TEDx conference, the meetings of divulgation that gather experts from different subjects to expose in an accessible way their research or personal experiences.

In his presentation, Dr Esteve explained how the decontamination of natural environments through microorganisms contributes to the sustainability, especially when dealing with wastewater treatment. "We are witnessing a cycle change in the way we interpret the microbiology of our natural environments, but also how to exploit applied technologies like those used in our treatment plants," he said.

Under the motto Watching the Future, the independent event, organised by TEDxRivasVaciamadrid together with the city council of Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid, Spain), gathered almost five hours and experts in robotics, virology, climate, photography, blockchain (chain of blocks on databases) and crypto-currencies and even a magician and a poet. The speakers addressed the social, environmental and economic changes that will have to be faced in the short and medium term.

This talk followed the TED format. You can watch it here.